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Let’s Leave It At This For Now…

ALBUM ARTWORK 300x158 Lets Leave It At This For Now...
Artwork by Geri Pratt

“‘Let’s Leave It At This For Now…’ features music, musicianship, and songwriting that belie the group’s youth. These guys are just kids—Andrew Rubin (guitar), Noah Colton (bass and vocals), and Liam Smith (drums)—but they’re dishing up funk, jazz, alternative, and rock like veterans.” – Glen Starkey, New Times

“Overall it’s quite original and inventive. The sound is a bit indie, meaning it feels a little DIY and rough around the edge … It’s also one of the charms. … All in all, this is quite an entertaining set.” – Gary Hill, Music Street Journal

“The album is captivating in the way that it ties classic rock elements to modern styles, creating a blend that is unique and stylistically refreshing.” – Shannon McCallister, Restless Press

The Spaces Between’s first full-length album, “Let’s Leave It At This For Now…” now available on iTunes:

Limited-edition CD’s are now available! Send $10 per CD (through Paypal) and a mailing address to

Co-produced and mixed by current Blind Melon vocalist Travis Warren, the album features eight tracks along with a special guest appearance by the voice of YES, Jon Anderson.

Listen to the songs here:

All credits, lyrics, and liner notes available on the page “Music and Lyrics.”

Upcoming Shows

3-8-14 Mongo’s Saloon, Grover Beach 9PM … Free/All Ages

3-13-14 Farmer’s Market, SLO, Garden St. 7:30PM … Free/All Ages

3-14-14 Nipomo High School Showcase

3-14-14 Kibitz Room, Hollywood 10PM 419 N Fairfax Ave · Los Angeles

3-16-14 Amplyfi Hollywood, 8:00PM 5617 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038 … $8 in advance, $10 at door ; all ages

3-28-14 Arroyo Grande High School Showcase

3-29-14 Six String Spring, The PBL House, 150 Hines Pismo Beach 12PM

3-29-14 Frog & Peach Pub, SLO 10-1AM with Travis T. Warren … Free/21+

3-30-14 SLO Brewing Co. , 9PM with Panga and Green to White

4-10-14 Block Party, Adobe Plaza, Nipomo 5:00-7:00PM

4-12-14 Music Motive Clinic, SLO 12-1PM … Free/All Ages

4-17-14 Righetti High School

4-19-14 Boo Boo Records, SLO 11AM-12PM … Free/All Ages

4-19-14 Sweet Springs Saloon with Green to White, Los Osos 7:30PM

5-1-14 Farmer’s Market, SLO

5-4-14 Benefit for Kelly Atwell, Ralph and Duane’s, Arroyo Grande 12-6PM

5-9-14 The Lounge, Guadalupe 7-10PM … Free/All Ages

5-22-14 The Mint, Los Angeles 8PM

5-30-14 Atascadero High School

5-31-14 Paradise Store, Santa Barbara 4-7PM

6-6-14 Farmer’s Market, SLO

6-25-14 Five Star Bar Downtown Los Angeles 267 S Main St
Los Angeles, CA

8-22-14 The Lounge, Guadalupe 7-10PM … Free/All Ages

9-20-14 The Lounge, Guadalupe 7-10PM … Free/All Ages

10-11-14 The Lounge, Guadalupe 7-10PM … Free/All Ages

Octoberfest 2014, Nipomo Community Park

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